Swing State

                                                                         Damon Casarez


Join us for the opening night event of

Swing State

on Monday, November 28 @ 7 pm.

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Swing State

Upcoming | November 28 2016 - January 29 2017

Swing State is about
challenging systems of American power.
The art on view oscillates in the dialectic between Freedom + Control that is at the heart of political discourse. The choice to choose. The privilege to inhale. Surveillance + consumption...

Featuring work by
Laia Abril (Barcelona), Damon Casarez (Los Angeles), Jacobia Dahm (Berlin), Orestes De La Paz (Miami), Ben Gomez (Miami), Ayasha Guerin (New York), Meirav Ong (New York), Kenneth Pietrobono (New York), Matthew Spiegelman (New York), Ryan Turley (New York), and Alexander Zimmer, Jeremy Handrup + Gabriel Bump (Chicago)

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