Period. Opening Night
7:00 pm19:00

Period. Opening Night


1. A portion of time determined by some recurring phenomenon.
2. A single cyclic occurrence of menstruation.

Join us!
Opening Night
Thursday, April 6
7 - 9 pm

Featuring work by:
Laia Abril (Barcelona), Sonia Baez-Hernandez (Miami), Elinor Carucci (New York), Louisa Fairclough (Bristol), Emily Lapeyre Gui (San Francisco), Mierle Laderman Ukeles (New York), Jen Lewis (Ann Arbor) + Andrea Nhuch (Miami)

Let's Talk About It.
On View | April 6 - June 15 2017
Wednesday - Sunday, Noon - 6pm
+ By appointment

Alliance for Muslims + Jews // Restorative Circle
7:00 pm19:00

Alliance for Muslims + Jews // Restorative Circle

Join us for a restorative circle moderated by Miami Coalition of Christians and Jews (MCCJ) this Thursday night at 7 PM!

An interfaith + deliberate dialogue will help us better understand our role in the current political climate. We'll be hosting a range of speakers from a local Miami mosque, synagogue + Catholic Church.

This FREE event is in partnership with MJ Generation, an alliance between Muslims and Jews in South Florida to counter Anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia in our communities.

Supported by Barry University, MCCJ, Rojas + Rubensteen Projects.

Street parking is available!
Rojas + Rubensteen Projects
8051 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL

I Am Here: Manal AlDowayan | Opening Night
7:00 pm19:00

I Am Here: Manal AlDowayan | Opening Night

Join us for the opening night of

I Am Here: Manal AlDowayan

Friday, February 17 @ 7 pm

On the heels of the inauguration, personhood will not be denied, concealed in fabric, or turned into a number on a registry. 

AlDowayan explores what defines who we are at the most granular level - our thoughts, bodies, personal histories, religious choices. Her photography, installation + mixed media work narrate this particular constellation of details.

Acknowledging our differences, we all can nonetheless find commonality in our aspirations, in the importance of roots + in the inescapable journey from womb to death.

On View | February 17 - March 26 2017

Co-hosted by FIU's Steven J Green School of International and Public Affairs.

It's free to RSVP!


Know Your Rights: Constitutional Law Talk
7:00 pm19:00

Know Your Rights: Constitutional Law Talk

  • Rojas + Rubensteen Projects


Do you know your voting rights? 
Or how those rights will be affected by the incoming administration? Laws can be unclear even to those who feel informed. 

Thursday, January 19 @ 7 PM
Admission is free + open to all!

Join us for a Constitutional Law Talk with Caroline Mala Corbin (Professor of Law, University of Miami) + Kenneth Pietrobono (Featured Artist)

As the inauguration approaches, join a dialogue about the dialectic between Freedom + Control that is at the center of our national political discourse. Together we can discuss the barriers to understanding our rights, and how they can be broken down or re-imagined. The conversation will focus on a compelling work of art created specifically for our current exhibition, Swing State, by Kenneth Pietrobono. As part of the artist collective called Occupy Museums, Pietrobono was just selected for inclusion in the upcoming Whitney Biennial.

Conceptually grounded on two Supreme Court decisions - Bush v Gore (2000) and Shelby County v Holder (2013) - it presents evidence about the War on Terror, among other topics (which the artist maintains was predicated on the 2000 decision), and opens a discussion to interrogate future outcomes of the 2013 decision. The Shelby decision effectively rolled back the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and will affect elections far into the future.

Pietrobono's work is a springboard to discuss the decisions, the impact of those decisions on this election, + what the future holds in terms of activism, as well as the potential for further erosion of these rights. 

Exercise your freedoms at Rojas + Rubensteen Projects!

Kram Magazine ISSUE 01 Release Party
7:00 pm19:00

Kram Magazine ISSUE 01 Release Party


Co-hosted by:
KRAM Magazine
Rojas + Rubensteen Projects

Featuring work by Camila Montoya, Ketty Merino, Peach, Angel Lauren, Dani Champagne, Pariuh, Wastelands, Jeremy Wallace, Adriana Verzura, Judith Vergara Garcia, Katherine Laurent, Katie Kalupson, Lizie Ben Schmuel, Monica Platero, Rosie Castaldo, Nathalie Orlando, Aurora Lazaro, India Ferguson, Wizedome, Ghost Buddha, Val Fernandez, and others.


ART + MUSIC + CULTURE with a focus on IDENTITY

Upon entry you will experience:

~~~~Swing State, an art exhibition about challenging American sytems of power. Featuring work from local and international artists alike.

CW: Some of this material can be controversial. However, it is very important we talk about these issues affecting our community, such as reproductive rights, racism, utopia, marijuana legalization, etc.

~~~~Musical performances, performance art, and visual art by local creatives. LINEUP TBA closer to date

~~~~Buy/Sell/Trade Marketplace
Buy/Sell/Trade artist-made products. 

~~~~Vendors, Tabling, Trivia games, Glitter Temporary Tattoo Station, & MORE
from organizations like Miami Grrrl

You can reserve your entry through our eventbrite link.
You can also get entry at the door. 
Minimum $2 donation entry fee.

Please email us at to get involved.

Courtauld Alumni Event: Art Basel Breakfast
9:00 am09:00

Courtauld Alumni Event: Art Basel Breakfast

We are hosting the Art Basel Courtauld Alumni Breakfast!

Join us at
Rojas + Rubensteen Projects
8051 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL, 33138

Here is a link with more info: 

Please RSVP to
(Free admission, plus-ones welcome)

Dec 4

R + R Zone

When Basel is in town, we all need a little extra R + R.

Join us at Rojas + Rubensteen Projects to view the current exhibition and unplug (or recharge) your devices. 

Swing State | Opening Night
7:00 pm19:00

Swing State | Opening Night

Free Admission!
Rojas + Rubensteen Projects
8051 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL, 33138
Swing State is about
challenging systems of American power.
The art on view oscillates in the dialectic between Freedom + Control that is at the heart of political discourse. The choice to choose. The privilege to inhale. Surveillance + consumption...

Join us for the opening reception
Monday November 28 @ 7 PM

AIRIE Roundtable Discussion | featuring Wild Billboard Artist Franky Cruz
6:00 pm18:00

AIRIE Roundtable Discussion | featuring Wild Billboard Artist Franky Cruz

  • Rojas + Rubensteen Projects

During his May 2015 AIRIE residency, Miami based artist Franky Cruz developed a series of photographs taken in an Everglades cypress dome. Cruz states that this concept started with questions of human identity and behavior, especially relating to the creatures of this planet. “Embodying this white bird created an empathic connection between the human and our majestic natural environment. A connection that seems to have been severed by our modern day methods. Wearing the metaphorical skin of the creature, stepping out of our shoes and into their claws, paws and hopefully not bellies. Searching for some kind of heron who seems to be an alien in its own environment.”

Rojas + Rubensteen Projects recently opened their doors with an inaugural exhibition Water Me, an immersive experience about challenging and nurturing the art on the walls (+ floors + ceilings). The exibition constantly encourages visitors, artists and collectors to activate the art on view and stimulate conversation. Cruz created a site-specific installation in the new exhibition space, on view through November 16th. Please join us after the discussion for a drink at Churchill’s Pub, which is located less than a mile away, directly under the Wild Billboard at 5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL, 33137.

The Wild Billboard Project, sponsored in part by the Knight Foundation, brings a bit of the Everglades into the city by creating billboards emblazoned with large scale, artful images reflecting the South Florida environment. This image is one of four billboards executed by AIRIE, Inc. in 2015-16.

Please check for any date changes.

Water Me | Opening Night
7:00 pm19:00

Water Me | Opening Night

Join us for the opening reception of Water Me

On View | October 13 - November 16 2016

Art is like a plant. An exhibition is like an organism.
The act of creation is in your hands, and growth feels like magic. Water Me is an immersive exhibition about challenging and nurturing the art on the walls (+ floors + ceilings) by constantly encouraging you - visitors, artists + collectors - to activate the art on view and stimulate conversation. 

Hila Amram (Israel), Franky Cruz (Miami), Orestes de la Paz (Miami), Troizel Carr + Isabelle Hui Saldaña (New York/ Georgia) and Naomi Safran-Hon (New York) explore the power and interactive quality of water.

Come over + keep the exhibition alive.